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IoT Home Safety: Fire Prevention Solutions
Home safety is the leading value proposition for the connected home, and consumers are willing to purchase and install smart solutions that offer prot...

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IoT Home Safety: Fire Prevention Solutions

This whitepaper examines the issues surrounding arc faults in electrical wiring, statistics and causes regarding electrical fires in U.S. homes, and advances in smart plugs and related smart home products designed to reduce and eliminate the incidence of electrical fires.

Key Topics

  • Main causes of arc faults in electrical wiring
  • Advances in smart plugs and smart home products designed to reduce and eliminate the incidence of electrical fires
  • Demographics of consumers who are likely to purchase smart fire detection products
  • Key product features in smart smoke detectors
  • Partnership opportunities across the insurance, energy, security, and smart home industries

About the Sponsor

Headquartered in Germantown, MD with offices in Oakland, CA, Whisker Labs spun out of Earth Networks in September 2017. Earth Networks, a data analytics firm that owns a network of over 10,000 weather stations, acquired Whisker Labs in late 2016. The Earth Networks team developed algorithms to monitor atmospheric electromagnetic energy and built a global lightning detection network to determine the location of a lightning strike using high frequency data. That same data analytics approach is used to identify arc faults in a home electrical network.

In addition, the world class engineering and data science team at Whisker Labs developed a thermodynamic modeling approach that combined energy or thermostat data with weather data to understand how changes in temperature, solar radiance, and wind impact a given home. The thermodynamic model is applied to automate thermostat settings to provide substantial savings to consumers. Whisker Labs also developed energy management services to intelligently reduce home energy demand during peak load times to help communities and homes save energy and money. The Connected Savings service enables energy providers to balance the grid and optimize residential thermostats for savings and comfort.

Whisker Labs has also developed an advanced sensor technology that uses remote electric and magnetic field sensing to capture
high frequency voltage & current readings. The sensor can be installed without an electrician and the high frequency data can be
used for advanced analytics use cases including appliance performance monitoring and fault detection & diagnostics.

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