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Health at Home: New Era of Healthcare
The market for remote health technology products and services has accelerated 5-10 years ahead of its prior pace of development.

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Health at Home: New Era of Healthcare

This white paper examines the state of the virtual care market, with particular emphasis on the factors driving the shift from facility-centric care to healthcare at home. The analysis delves into the technology solutions needed to facilitate longer-term remote care, particularly with respect to provider ability to continually assess patient deterioration or significant changes in overall health.

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EarlySense® is the global leader in 100-percent contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions. Used worldwide in hospitals, post-acute care facilities and in the home, the company’s technology and predictive data science applications empower providers, clinicians and patients with continuous multi-vital data and actionable insights that improve quality of life and patient outcomes across the care continuum. EarlySense is based in Ramat Gan, Israel and Woburn, Massachusetts.