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Gating Access: Challenges in Multifamily Properties
17% of MDU residents report living in a gated community, and 11% report living in a building with smart locks or access control systems.

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Gating Access: Challenges in Multifamily Properties

This white paper examines the current state of access control adoption in the US multifamily housing market, looking at use cases, deployment models, best practices, and priorities when retrofitting versus implementing solutions in new construction.

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Nimbio is the optimal solution for one of the largest challenges in property management: administering common access points like buzzer doors, property gates, and pool access. With Nimbio, you can easily and cost-effectively turn any electronic lock into a smart lock, allowing residents to control access from anywhere with their cell phone. Nimbio works with existing hardware, including doors and intercom solutions, making it affordable and universally compatible. Nimbio leverages a cellular connection in lieu of wi-fi, so it can be installed virtually anywhere with no need for the property to have a preexisting network. With a variety of digital key features that are part of the Nimbio platform, residents can securely buzz in family and friends or share keys with maintenance and delivery personnel from anywhere. Nimbio’s Community Manager provides property managers a single interface that eliminates the need for onsite superintendents to support lost keys and late night lockouts. The Community Manager enables administrators to easily grant (and revoke) keys and view detailed reports about the traffic coming through each Nimbio-enabled common access point. Nimbio improves security by eliminating the risk of overshared access codes and physical keys, and the need for replacing expensive RFID cards. And Nimbio’s partnerships with leading delivery companies eliminates issues with lost or missing packages by allowing delivery personnel access to properties to deliver safely and reliably, every time. Nimbio puts you fully in control of who is (or isn’t) allowed in your building.  Nimbio - secure and nimble access.

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