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Data Privacy and Security in the Connected Home
72% of smart home product owners are concerned with personal data security

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Data Privacy and Security in the Connected Home

This white paper highlights the data privacy and security risks posed by the connected home, how consumers perceive these risks, and the role smart home platforms play in mitigating threats.

This free download explores the risks to consumers’ identity and data and the opportunity for players in this space – including platforms, internet service providers, home security providers, hardware companies, and home subscription service providers – to help educate and protect their customers against potential harm.

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At Iris® Powered by Generali, it’s not really about us. It’s about how identity theft and cybercrime have become a reality for too many. It’s about making a person feel whole again, when despite their best efforts, they’ve still become a victim. It’s about understanding that many companies do what we do – just not like we do.

Iris is a B2B2C global identity and cyber protection company owned by the 190-year-old multinational insurance company, Generali, offering always-available identity resolution experts (yes, real people available 24/7/365) and tech-forward solutions that uncomplicate the protection process. We opened our first Washington, DC office in 1983 with a simple mission, bringing customers from distress to relief – anytime, anywhere – and went on to become one of the very first identity theft resolution providers in the U.S. in 2003.

Today, understanding that victimization has no geographical boundaries, we’ve got a solution no matter what your customers’ coordinates are.

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