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Building Net Zero Homes with Home Management Systems
88% of smart thermostat users say they saved as much money, if not more, than they initially expected.

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Building Net Zero Homes with Home Management Systems

Advanced technologies in homes enable the ability to control energy usage and reduce energy consumption. A ZNE home, also referred to as a Zero Energy Building or a Zero Energy Ready Home,  is a home that consumes no more energy than it produces in a year. To achieve this, ZNE homes are extremely efficient, leveraging cutting-edge building materials and methods, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances to keep the home's energy consumption as low as possible without seriously inconveniencing the homeowner.

This white paper examines the drivers for ZNE homes, current market conditions driving demand, and the role of smart and automated tech in expanding the ZNE concept to a wider market. The paper includes an overview of a ZNE project as part of the Build Show, a streaming content leader for home construction.

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Nice is a global leader in Home and Building Management solutions, and a leading manufacturer offering a complete ecosystem of integrated products for smart home management, security and automation, perimeter access, protection and control, sunshade solutions, energy management, and whole-home entertainment. The company leverages the expertise and innovation of its global network to expand its portfolio of connected technology and deliver high-quality customizable solutions that seamlessly integrate into everyday lives. Today, Nice spans five continents and owns more than 14 R&D centers and 13 production plants serving its partners and customers across 100 countries.

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