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AI-enabled Data: Key to Video Service Optimization
Timely and insightful data is crucial to making faster and more effective business decisions than one’s competitors.

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AI-enabled Data: Key to Video Service Optimization

AI-enabled Data: Key to Video Service Optimization investigates the drivers and use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) - enabled data in the video services market.

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SymphonyAI Media is the leading provider of revenue optimization solutions exclusive to the media and entertainment sector. Their Revedia AI platform scales subscriber, content, and financial insight throughout the enterprise. The result of more than a decade of DARPA-funded Stanford University research, Revedia delivers data-driven intelligence at scale. Organizations rely on Revedia to tackle the greatest challenges facing media and entertainment today including  subscriber churn, fragmented monetization models, disparate data sets, market uncertainty, and intense competition. Having analyzed billions of transactions on behalf of their clients over 35 years, SymphonyAI Media has cultivated a deep operational understanding of the industry and earned a trusted reputation among clients such as NBC Universal, Hearst, and Scripps.

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