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Rise of AI: Consumer Perception, Industry Impacts


Co-Hosted By Adeia

Join us for a compelling webinar that delves into the transformative effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on the entertainment industry, including the impact on the advertising experience.

AI will transform how businesses operate and how consumers view and interact with entertainment devices and services. The entertainment industry stands to benefit greatly and is moving forward with solutions that implement the technology but needs to do so strategically to earn consumer confidence and trust. Parks Associates data finds that currently 47% of US internet households report familiarity with at least one AI technology and 69% report concern with the data and privacy implications of its use.

This session will explore how generative and conversational AI are reshaping content creation, consumer engagement, and business strategies.

  • Consumer Interaction: With AI's growing role in everyday tech interactions, we'll examine current trends in consumer familiarity and the hidden impacts of AI in daily life.
  • Business Transformation: Insights into how businesses can harness AI to innovate while maintaining consumer trust and navigating ethical considerations.
  • AI in Creative Industries: How is generative AI changing the landscape of content production? What does this mean for the pace and quality of media we consume?
  • Future Outlook: Predictions for AI in the next three years, focusing on potential advancements and the impact on the competitive landscape.



Jennifer Kent

Vice President, Research

Parks Associates

Tao Chen

VP of Advanced R&D, Media IP