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Protecting the Connected Consumer: Role of Data Security


Co-Hosted By F-Secure

Data security and privacy solutions must be core brand attributes for differentiation among service providers.

Consumer concerns regarding threats to their data security and privacy are increasing as smart home devices move to mass-market adoption and the household infrastructure gets more complicated.

Consumers are looking for solutions that address these concerns, and manufacturers, broadband service providers, and data security service providers, alongside even insurance and financial institutions, must double their efforts to mitigate potential risks to consumers’ personal data and security and build trust among the growing number of connected consumers.

This webinar highlights the growing reliance on connectivity, Wi-Fi, and connected devices and the continuous threats faced by consumers. Speakers highlight consumer concerns about personal data security, current levels of trust among providers, solutions that alleviate concerns, and perspectives among specific consumer segments on data security.

Parks Associates and F-Secure will share research highlights throughout the discussion to highlight current areas of concern and the roadmap forward to create comprehensive data security solutions for today’s consumer.


Elizabeth Parks

President and Chief Marketing Officer

Parks Associates

Laura Kankaala

Threat Intelligence Lead


Neal Jardine

Neal Jardine, Head of Risk Intelligence and Claims

BOXX Insurance