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Getting to Net Zero: Leveraging Smart Tech Energy Solutions


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High costs, resource shortages, and increasing environmental concerns are driving the need and demand for more energy efficiency and awareness in the home. A Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home has significant appeal in this market, as it is a home that consumes no more energy than it produces. Typically, the ZNE concept in practice has required significant commitments of time, money, and attention; however, builders and integrators now have the materials, renewable generation solutions, and home automation technologies necessary to offer consumers affordable ZNE homes. They can leverage cutting-edge materials and methods, including smart thermostats, solar technologies, and energy-efficient appliances, to keep the home’s energy consumption as low as possible without seriously inconveniencing the homeowner.

ZNE homes can also offer knowledge and predictability. For current construction, what will be the actual energy, heating, and cooling costs for a home is typically no more than an educated guess. By contrast, ZNE solutions can model the energy consumption for a home and give the homeowner in-depth knowledge and insight into their home and its energy requirements.

In this webinar, experts examine the demand for ZNE homes and construction methods and solutions now available to builders and integrators that enable them to design and construct ZNE homes for the wider market. Parks Associates presents the latest data on consumer demand for energy-efficient homes, changes in energy management behaviors, and the role of smart home solutions in coordinating various systems in the home. The event also features key figures from the Build Show’s Net Zero Home Build: Boston to share lessons learned and the practical implications for builders and technology providers that came out of this significant ZNE project.


Jennifer Kent

Vice President, Research

Parks Associates

Paul Williams

Managing Director of Home Management Business Unit


Glenn Kalber


GDK Surround Inc.

Steven Baczek


Steven Baczek Architect

Scott L. Rodman

Homeowner in the Build Show