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Thursday, Jun 05, 2008

VUDU Unveils a Wireless Kit

When I got my VUDU hooked up at the house, I had to run to Best Buy to purchase some powerline ad...

Wednesday, Jun 04, 2008

Yahoo to Carry CBS TV Shows

Yahoo is the latest distribution partner for CBS Interative, according to this press release from...

Wednesday, Jun 04, 2008

Parks Associates to host Digital Den at Entertainment Supply Chain Academy

New technology solutions for the living room featured June 17 & 18...Parks Associates will sponso...

Monday, Jun 02, 2008

My Kingdom for the Cubs Score (Or, How Widgets Saved My Marriage)

I've been following baseball this year with far more enthusiasm than is really needed at this poi...

Monday, Jun 02, 2008

Angling for a Father's Day CE Gift? Think Again.

Christopher Lawton at The Wall Street Journal writes today that economic worries and high prices...

Monday, Jun 02, 2008

Qualcomm's CEO says future gadget will be a connected gadget

Qualcomm's CEO provides his thoughts on the future of connected devices. (Read Full Article)...