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CES 2022 & CONNECTIONS Summit Recap Day 2

CES 2022 & CONNECTIONS Summit Recap Day 2


About The Episode

In this episode, Parks Associates' Vice President of Marketing, Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, shares her thoughts on CONNECTIONS Summit 2022 at CES as well as more info on the firm's 16th annual research and industry event's networking reception on Day 2.

Mindi Sue plays a primary role in Parks Associates event management, including Parks Associates-hosted events and the outside events the company participates in. She is responsible for strategic planning and marketing of Parks Associates’ 6 hosted executive conferences. Mindi Sue is responsible for coordinating speaker relations activities for Parks Associates’ conferences and webcasts, including managing all proposals to speak, speaker communication, logistics, and coordination for national and international events and over fifty outside industry events that the Parks Associates analyst team participates in.

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