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March 19, 2024
Parks Associates addresses streaming services and the multifamily market at Future of Video and Smart Spaces virtual series
March 12, 2024
Parks Associates: Streaming video services’ Net Promoter Scores (NPS) settle lower following 2021 pandemic high scores
March 05, 2024
Parks Associates’ Future of Video addresses disruptions in video distribution and transformation of streaming business and revenue models
February 20, 2024
Parks Associates: 61% of households who churned from a video streaming service think they are spending too much on streaming services
February 01, 2024
Parks Associates Adds NPS and Churn Data to its Streaming Video Tracker Service
November 13, 2023
Netflix and Prime Video have longest subscription duration, each exceeding four years on average, followed by Hulu, Starz, and Paramount+
November 10, 2023
Vevo Speaker Highlight – Future of Video
October 31, 2023
Prime Video Maintains Top Position in Parks Associates’ Top 10 List of US Subscription Video Services; YouTube Premium moves up to 10th position
October 10, 2023
AiBUY Announced as Event Sponsor at Future of Video 2023