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3 Things That Should Really Bug Netflix Investors

While the aforementioned shift in viewing time is a concern, it's not exactly surprising in light of the shift seen among the industry's paying least domestically. Research outfit Parks Associates reports that for the first time ever within the United States, there are now more paying Amazon (AMZN -0.98%) Prime customers than Netflix customers. 
Take the report with a small grain of salt. Netflix only discloses customer counts for the U.S. and Canada combined, while Amazon doesn't break out any regionally based data on the rare occasion it updates its Prime headcounts; these are only estimates based on sampling surveys. 
Parks Associates' figures hold enough water all the same, however. Aside from being supplied by a reputable market research resource, Parks Associates indicated rise and fall of the other streaming services' membership levels jibes with the data disclosed by several of the other streaming platforms, such as Disney+ and Hulu.
From the article, "3 Things That Should Really Bug Netflix Investors" by James Brumley.

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