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TV Everywhere spreads across Europe

Following its increasing adoption in the US, the concept of TV Everywhere is now proliferating across Europe according to new research by Parks Associates.

The analysts found that households in the UK broadband were the most interested in receiving live TV on an Internet-connected device, with 36% highly positive on this feature. Surprisingly, given the strength of the iPad and Android tablet market in the county, German broadband households showed the lowest interest, with only 24% selecting multi-screen services as a top feature.

“Multi-screen services are growing in popularity across Western Europe,” said Brett Sappington, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates. “As the number of connected devices in the home increases, consumers want more flexibility when viewing quality video content – movies and TV shows. Operators have noted these trends and are rolling out new multi-screen services to capitalise on their growing popularity.”

From the article, "TV Everwhere spreads across Europe," by Joseph O'Halloran

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