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19% of all broadband households now have a vMVPD service

Future of Video virtual sessions address consumer trends driving the moves toward hybrid business models and aggregated content distribution

Parks Associates’ latest Video Services Dashboard, part of its Consumer Insights Service, reports that 19% of US broadband households now have a vMVPD service, which is an online pay-TV service that offer bundles of live channels via third-party connected devices. The international research firm will feature its latest research during its upcoming fourth annual Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media, sponsored by Everise, Comcast Technology Solutions, Symphony MediaAI, Deltatre, Brightcove, Future Today, Bitmovin, and Metrological.

Two sessions on December 14 are “Shift to Hybrid Business Models” and “The Age of Video Aggregation,” sponsored by Comcast Technology Solutions.

“Many households who cut the traditional pay-TV cord or never subscribed in the first place are looking for a live and more linear video viewing experience via online options, which is driving vMVPD service uptake,” said Parks Associates. “These services also promise less costly investment and more content flexibility, which increases the appeal among today’s video viewers, who are accustomed to the benefits of OTT solutions.”

Keynote and executive Q&A speakers for the two days of sessions:

  • Kim Hurwitz, Chief Marketing Officer, FITE (Flipps Media, and owned by TrillerNet)
  • Sascha Prüter, Chief Product Officer, Vewd
  • Bart Spriester, VP and GM of Content and Streaming Providers Suite, Comcast Technology Solutions

“Successful companies offer what consumers want: choice, control, convenience - but in innovative new ways; via multiple payment options and business models on ubiquitous devices and stellar customer service. Bottom line: methodology changes; great service does not,” said Kim Hurwitz, Chief Marketing Officer, FITE.

Session panelists:

  • Rob Caruso, Product Management, UX - Google TV, Google
  • Brian Jentz, VP Americas, 3SS
  • Jose Luis Kruyff, SVP, Americas for OTT & Broadcast, MPP Global
  • Jason Kwong, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Redbox
  • Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo
  • Scott Maddux, VP, Content Strategy & Business Development, Xperi
  • Devra Prywes, Chief Product Officer, Applicaster
  • Erik Ramberg, VP, Head of Global Business Development, MediaKind
  • Stefan Van Engen, SVP, Content Programming & Partnerships, Xumo

“As a service provider, you have to be a super-aggregator,” said Brian Jentz, VP Americas, 3SS. “Viewers today expect to access all their content, including their favorite apps, all in one place, in a unified experience. I am excited to share how 3SS has helped operators around the world to deliver truly aggregated entertainment, creating great experiences for subscribers to seamlessly enjoy on all their devices and screens.”

“Parks Associates navigate the vibrant and dynamic intersection of traditional TV services and the OTT disruption,” said Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo. “The Future of Video event is one of the best ones on the market for everyone who’s looking for a deeper analysis of the market dynamics.”

"We're excited to join fellow industry leaders at the Future of Video event, as we discuss the shift to hybrid business models and how OTT services can drive recurring and transactional revenue in an incredibly competitive and evolving marketplace," said Jose Luis Kruyff, SVP, Americas for OTT & Broadcast, MPP Global.

"Ad-supported streaming is on the rise (after all the price is right!), and with subscriber churn on the rise, we will continue to see streaming services increasingly move to hybrid revenue models. Data from Applicaster's SaaS app management platform showed 11% of media companies with SVOD OTT apps integrating advertising capabilities into their tech stack for increased pricing flexibility, as well as additional creative pricing solutions. These are some of the topics I look forward to discussing in the Interactive Panel ‘Fueling Next Stage of OTT Growth: Blended Models’ session on Tuesday at the Future of Video Summit," said Devra Prywes, CPO/CMO at Applicaster.

“While building and operating VOD streaming services is well understood, delivering large-scale live events at broadcast quality and scale represents our industry’s next biggest challenge,” said Erik Ramberg, VP, Head of Global Business Development, MediaKind. “What comes with this maturation of the business is an added layer of complexity in how streaming services monetize their service - blending subscription, transaction, and advertising in a tailored package for each of their audience segments. I look forward to exploring this topic further at the Future of Video event.”

“Leading into 2022, there’s never been a more exciting time in streaming television with continued rapid adoption and enhanced services,” said Stefan Van Engen, SVP of programming and partnerships, XUMO. “The Future of Video series has always been an important marker for current data and insights straight from the industry leaders, and we’re pleased to be a part of these valuable conversations."

About Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media

Future of Video brings together senior leaders to share insights on new trends in the video and connected entertainment industries, with insights on consumer adoption, churn, and spending. The event provides insight into successful OTT strategy deployments, challenges for pay-TV providers, the role of connected CE in the growth of video viewing, new content formats, and the overall impact to the video market.