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Online Storage and Backup Add Value to Broadband Service Provider Offerings

How can broadband service providers keep customers and make money? Online storage and back-up services!

"Enabling Solutions for a Rich Broadband Experience" examines the global broadband market and analyzes the drivers, demand, deployments, and critical enabling technologies for broadband value-added services. According to the report, providers will see $188 million in subscription revenue by 2012 if they provide these value-added services.

Online storage and backup services will spur revenue generation and customer retention over the next five years for U.S. service providers, bringing in more than 1.5 million subscribers, according to Parks Associates’ Enabling Solutions for a Rich Broadband Experience.

“Online storage and backup services are great customer retention tools and upgrade incentives,” said Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai, Director, Broadband and Gaming, Parks Associates. “They fit with broadband service providers’ strategic advantages, complementing existing trust and billing relationships, network ownership, and guaranteed quality of service.”

The report recommends that as broadband service providers reposition themselves as experience providers, they should introduce a variety of value-added services to strengthen customer relationships, increase ARPU, and showcase the benefits of high speed. Such value-added services include broadband entertainment, management and support, and control and monitoring services.

“Service providers need to offer a portfolio of new offerings to create meaningful revenue growth,” said James Kuai, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. “BSPs need to experiment with different services and white-label solution providers.”

Michael Cai will discuss broadband service strategies in the session Solutions for Broadband Providers: Carriers as “Experience Providers at the CONNECTIONS™ conference, June 24-26.