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For Video Discovery, Pay-TV and OTT Need Mobile Solutions

In the latest Parks Points newsletter, Parks Associate analyst Brett Sappington discussed the role of user interface in video content discovery. As the main point of interaction between a brand and a user, the interface becomes an extremely important component to discovery and use.

"In general," Sappington writes, "the optimal method of video discovery depends on several key factors: the type of video service, the viewer, and the viewing environment." Common discovery methods include personal recommendations, search functions, and social data. However, Parks Associates research shows that most consumers do not use or are not aware of personal recommendations, many are not comfortable giving their social or personal data to brands and providers for social recommendations, and search functions are often only viable if a user is looking for something specific.

In other words, there is no "magic bullet," no single content discovery method that works and is right for all users. As TV Everywhere initiatives continue to develop, this might change in the future. For now, pay-TV and OTT service platforms can (and should) rely on mobile apps, which drive consumers to content no matter if at home or on the go.

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