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ChinaQ based on OpenSIM?

I still haven't got hold of ChinaQ. Tried to call a couple of times but no one's picking up. Therefore, I'm still not 100% sure about what's the level of support from China Telecom. I doubt it's a strategic investment from the corporate level.

I've also downloaded the client and visited the world. When I was there, it was totally dark (presumably night in China) and the world feels very much like Second Life in terms of aesthetics, features and functions. I had a conversation with some of the industry insiders in China, and they told me that ChinaQ seems to be built on top of OpenSIM. There hasn't been any confirmation or denial from Shenzhou Hengji about this. It makes sense given the similarity between ChinaQ and SL. Also, there have been user reports saying that when an error occurs in ChinaQ, the error message says Second Life.

Some experts in China pointed out the limitations of Second Life based world in China. They told me that the bandwidth in China right now has difficulty in supporting the Second Life streaming technology, which is bandwidth hungry.