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Connected Health

54% of US internet households own a connected health product, unlocking new value for remote care applications in health and senior care

 Industry webinar, in cooperation with Syntiant, features insights  on device data, role of AI in new use cases, and impact of low power computing devices

New consumer data from Parks Associates shows the continued rise in connected health devices with 54% of US internet households owning at least one product and 23% owning three or more. The research firm will highlight the findings during an industry webinar, “Health IoT on the Edge: Accessible, Smart, Secure,”on Wednesday, August 10, in cooperation with Syntiant, to discuss the new applications in health and senior care via the use of low-power, edge-computing devices.

“Driven by smart watch adoption, consumers and patients have become used to using devices to collect, transmit, and interpret health data. Remote care in the home relies both on the quality of patient monitoring and on the quality of the insights provided to the care team and family caregivers,” said Kristen Hanich, Director, Broadband and Health Research, Parks Associates. “The use of predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms in healthcare turn real-time data into actionable and potentially life-saving insights and diagnostic support.”

Parks Associates research reports that 57% of consumers find sharing device health data appealing and more than one in three seek care providers who offer this. The webinar addresses the use of health device data to empower patient care, the role of AI and algorithms in enabling new use cases, low-power edge AI solutions, and the top use cases in remote patient monitoring and senior care.  

“There is tremendous value in bringing edge AI to connected healthcare devices not only for manufacturers but for consumers as well,” said Poupak Khodabandeh, VP of Product, Syntiant Corp. “New use cases can be deployed quickly, efficiently, and with relatively low cost, while patient outcomes are improved by using machine learning to enable highly accurate, real-time monitoring and cloud-free data processing to help ensure privacy and security.”

Webinar speakers:

  • David Garrett, Chief Architect, SVP Engineering, IEEE Fellow, Syntiant
  • Poupak Khodabandeh, VP, Product, Syntiant
  • Henry O’Connell, CEO & Founder, Canary Speech
  • Kristen Hanich, Director, Broadband and Health Research, Parks Associates

Examples of use cases powered by AI and algorithms include the following:

  • Algorithmically compare patient trajectories
  • Proactively identify and avoid health crises
  • Triage at-risk patients
  • Diagnose unidentified and undiagnosed medical conditions
  • Detect health deterioration and dementia through speech patterns
  • Predict falls or mobility declines in the elderly

These systems are even more powerful when combined with edge computing, which offers ultra-low latency, high reliability, and data privacy/security benefits over cloud-first systems. Further, low-powered edge AI solutions can be tailored for the many battery-powered health IoT sensors and devices that need intelligence, security, and low power consumption.

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