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“Super Buying” Segment of U.S. Consumers Responsible for 80% of CE Purchases

New U.S. consumer research has identified a “super buying” segment of broadband households responsible for the overwhelming majority of dollars spent on consumer electronics products.

chartThe Changing Consumer Electronics Purchase Process, a survey of 2,500 broadband households, found roughly 25% of broadband households spent $2,000 or more on CE products in the past 12 months. This amounts to 80% of all expenditure on CE products made by broadband households. This “Super Buyer” segment has similar demographic characteristics as the average broadband household but is distinguished by attitudinal differences.

The Super Buyers divide almost evenly between men and women, and 50% earn less than $75,000 per year. Attitudinally, Super Buyers like CE products, look forward to purchasing devices as soon as they are available, and are more likely than the average broadband household to personalize their devices.

The Changing Consumer Electronics Purchase Process offers analysis from a survey of 2,500 U.S. broadband households. The study tracks the purchase process of 27 CE categories for the past year.