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No, Apple's licensing of iTunes & AirPlay 2 isn't a 'strategy reversal' in any way

That claim cited research by Parks Associates, which actually showed that Apple TV's share by installed base was not drying up and blowing away as Mims portrayed, but was actually better than Google's and far ahead of Sony or Tivo.

It also stated that consumers rated Apple TV highly in setup, usability, gaming, and for purchasing content. It also noted that almost half of smart TV owners also used a streaming media player and that they used their media player much more frequently than their TV's built-in services. Yet Mims was so desperate to take swipes at Apple that he fudged the findings of that research. None of those facts fit his narrative of the "failing Apple TV that nobody uses," so he left them out.  

From the article "No, Apple's licensing of iTunes & AirPlay 2 isn't a 'strategy reversal' in any way" by Daniel Erin Dilger.

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