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Netflix cracking down on password sharing. How about HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, and others?

High inflation is prompting consumers to tighten their belts. And, with so many viewing options at their fingertips, subscribers are getting increasingly fickle. They sign up for streaming services to watch “Yellowstone” or “Succession” only to unsubscribe a few months later.
And, according to a Parks Associates’ 2022 survey, 40% of consumers in U.S. internet households share credentials or use shared credentials, up from 27% in 2019.
Password crackdowns could encourage more people to drop streaming services. So, for now, other streaming services are letting Netflix take the lead. 
“Subscribers – who are already reevaluating their budgets – may view the censure as a penalty or price increase,” Parks Associates research analyst Sarah Lee said in an email.
From the article, "Netflix is cracking down on password sharing. How about HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu and others?," by Jessica Guynn.

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