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Caregivers Unite (On Two Fronts)

On two different fronts yesterday, caregivers joined forces to improve modern healthcare for all. Tuesday at the annual meeting, the American Medical Association voted in favor of a resolution calling for government allowance of the e-prescribing of all drugs, including schedule 1 drugs, without restrictions previously dictated from the Drug Enforcement Administration. In addition, they aimed to be free of the confines set around e-prescribing and Medicare/Medicaid, both in regards to being required to handwrite prescriptions for certain drugs and that payments would be based on e-prescribing adoption. The AMA also resolved to work with various entities to ensure nationwide pharmacy acceptance. The hope is that with the physicians backing this initiative, the government will be encouraged to remove barriers to using the technology and pharmacies will jump on board.

Meanwhile, Intel has teamed with National Family Caregivers Association to create which launched Tuesday as well. Designed with a community feel, the goal of the site is to provide a place where families, professional caregivers, and social workers can share ideas, resources, and support. Available in both the United States and in the United Kingdom, it fills an area not currently well covered in today’s healthcare systems. As a promoting member of the Continua Health Alliance, Intel has been looking at research-driven solutions for eldercare and chronic care for close to ten years. The Continua Health Alliance will be hosting a free seminar titled “The next generation of personal telehealth is here!” as a pre-show event on June 24th at the Parks Associates CONNECTIONS conference.

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