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TiVo Granted Waiver to Analog Tuner Requirement by FCC

The FCC has granted TiVo the right to sell more digital-only devices.

TiVo was granted a waiver of the FCC's analog tuner requirement after TiVo argued that requiring an analog tuner in set-tops increased power consumption and price to little net consumer effect.  TiVo also argued the waiver would help further the FCC's policy of promoting device compatibility since its DVRs are compatible with digital cable service.

There is already a TV set analog tuner mandate in place, which means any set a TiVo is connected to can display analog broadcast or cable channels, the FCC pointed out in granting the waiver.

As a condition of the waiver, TiVo must clearly inform its consumer of the limitations off the box (that it cannot receive analog broadcast or cable channels, or in some cases broadcast channels at all).

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