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Fierce Competition for Wireless Service Loyalty

Thanks to new marketing initiatives by T-Mobile, competition in the wireless service industry is heating up, poising 2014 to be a year of the consumer "loyalty story."

In the past, mobile users have had limited choices in terms of service providers and contract details, making the wireless market a generally stable environment. But this is no longer true—with a plethora of phones, new contract perks, and a slew of services, consumers are inundated with appealing offers from multiple providers at any given time.

More than ever, mobile service providers will be required to fight their often stiff competition. This means trying win back customers with special promotions, the latest and greatest smartphones, and reduced fees, even before a customer has truly left the service.

The latest Parks Points newsletter highlights some of the newest research in this area, focusing on which brands have the most stable customer base, as well as those providers who have the most to lose if customers begin switching.

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