Smart, Clean, Connected: Future of Home Energy Management

The smart home provides connectivity that allows consumers and energy service providers to understand and manage energy consumption throughout the home. As adoption of solar, storage, and electric vehicles grows alongside the smart home, utilities have the opportunity to align operation of these devices to the needs of the grid. This research provides insights on consumer interest in clean energy management products and services, including features, price sensitivity, and incentives for energy-efficiency solutions.

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Smart Energy Device Adoption and Intention

Smart Home Device Ownership

Smart Energy & Misc. Device Ownership

Smart Thermostat: High Purchase Intention

Smart Lighting Devices: High Purchase Intention

Smart Lighting Device Purchases

Smart Thermostat Purchases

Solar and Storage

High Familiarity with Energy Devices

Energy Efficient Equipment or Vehicle Ownership

Frequency of Using Battery to Power the Home

Frequency of Charging Electric Vehicle

High Intention of Purchasing Energy Efficient Equipment or Vehicle

Distributed Energy: Payment Preference

Distributed Energy: Purchase Channel Preference

Purchase Drivers of Solar Panels

High Likelihood of Purchasing Solar Panels by Monthly Savings

Importance of Using Solar Panels with Battery Storage

Willingness to Pay for Power Backup System

Reasons for Not Purchasing Electric Vehicle in 2021

Purchase Drivers for Electric Vehicle

Consumer Perception Regarding Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Segments and Tracking

Type of Electricity Provided by the Provider

Energy-Saving Actions Taken Over the Past 12 Months

Energy-Saving Actions

Average Monthly Expenditure on Electricity by Energy-Saving Segments

Energy-Saving Action Segments

Potential Drivers for Making Minor Energy-Saving Actions

Average Saving to Increase Likelihood of Taking Energy-Saving Actions

High Familiarity with Energy Programs Offered

Awareness of Energy Programs Offered by Electricity Provider

Adoption of Energy Programs

Reasons For Not Participating in Load Control Programs

Most Valuable Energy Management Features

Energy Consumption Tracking Offered by Provider

Frequency of Tracking Energy Consumption

Preferred Method of Receiving Energy Saving Insights

Willingness to Adjust Home Devices During Peak Periods

Willingness to Allow Manufacturers/Utility to Adjust Smart Energy Products During Peak Periods

High Likelihood of Allowing Electricity Providers to Make Energy-Saving Adjustments 

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