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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Over a third share HBO NOW, other streaming passwords

A full 36% of subscribers to premium streaming services like HBO NOW share their log-in with others.

It makes sense for the phenomenon to be so widespread: after all, why would two roommates or family members or even good friends have separate video streaming accounts when they can share a subscription? But, this 'mooching' phenomenon can eat into subscriber growth and profit.

The password-sharing number, from a USA Today poll, dovetails with a recent survey from Parks Associates more

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5 things to expect from London’s Smart Home Summit

Presenting at the event in Canary Warf, Stuart Sikes, president of consulting company Parks Associates, will discuss his company's latest research findings which predict that 2.5 million Western European households will have a smart home controller by 2019.

Sikes said: "Smart home systems will need the flexibility to deliver multiple value propositions within the household. Interoperability is necessary to achieve recurring revenue models as it enables devices to deliver a broad more

Monday, September 28, 2015

Here's What Google Inc. Is Likely to Announce on Tuesday

It's been more than two years since Google unveiled its low-cost streaming dongle, the Chromecast, in 2013. The device, which retails for just $35, has proven to be quite popular. Last year, according to Parks Associates, it helped the search giant sell the second-most dedicated streaming devices in the U.S., with 23% market share (behind only Roku).

The Chromecast is relatively simple. It allows users to beam content from apps to their Chromecast-connected monitors and televisions. With more

Monday, September 28, 2015

Google wants to DJ your next party with a new Chromecast for music

Apple TV—and to a lesser extent, Amazon Fire TV—may steal most headlines, but Chromecast outsold them both by a significant margin in 2014, according to Parks Associates. The $35 Chromecast dongle, of course, isn’t quite the same type of device as the Apple TV or the Fire TV, but they all share one crucial function: the ability to put your favorite streaming video apps on the best screen available (which is usually in your living room).

From the article "Google wants to DJ more

Monday, September 28, 2015

2.5m European households to have smart home controller

In Europe, a US based IoT market research and consulting firm Parks Associates has forecast that 2.5 million western European households will have a smart home controller by 2019.

Stuart Stikes, president at Parks Associates attributes the forecast to the growth in smart homes.

He says: “Smart home systems will need the flexibility to deliver multiple value propositions within the household. Interoperability is necessary to achieve recurring revenue models as it enables more

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cutting the Cord: What's so wrong about sharing streaming video passwords?

The sharing of streaming video subscription passwords became a laughing matter during last week's Emmy Awards, but the funny business could eventually become a problem for video providers.

Credentials such as an email address and a password are needed to access video services, including Netflix and Hulu. And, in general, those credentials are intended to be used only by family members within a household.

But additional unauthorized sharing of credentials will likely cost more

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More trouble ahead at ESPN

The idea that cable uninstaller is a hot new career track says a lot about why ESPN's corporate overlords are tightening belts. Cord-cutting customers are devastating.

"Consumers are looking for content in other places," said Brett Sappington, who directs research at Parks Associates. "So if your revenues are based significantly off of cable TV, then you get hit pretty hard by that."

Even if you hate sports and don't even know what channel ESPN is on, the network more

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Andy Samberg’s Password Sharing Gag at the Emmys Is No Joke for Streaming Services

Login credentials are meant to be shared among members of a household, sure. But according to research firm Parks Associates, unauthorized sharing can add up to about $500 million in lost revenue for companies like HBO, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, which USA Today says are used by around 58% of Americans.

Although some of those companies don’t consider password sharing to be a major issue, a poll by USA Today found that 36% of adult Americans who use premium TV streaming services have more

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