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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Is a Smart Home? Most People Don't Know

Two-thirds of U.S. consumers with broadband are not very familiar with smart home services or products or where to buy them, according to a new survey.

That will likely change quickly in coming years, according to the white paper from Consumer Electronics Association and Parks Associates. But for now, it’s not just an open market, but also a nebulous one.

Consumers tossed around names such as ADT, AT&T, Apple and Nest when asked to identify smart home manufacturers, but no more

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lightning Motorcycles Sells LS-218 Electric Superbike to First Customer

The LS-218 has gained the approval of several analysts, including Jennifer Kent from Parks Associates, who believes the bike will show people how well electric motorcycles can do on the road.

"It upends the prevailing wisdom that going electric sacrifices performance," Kent said. "Lightning Motorcycles has proved that electric motorcycles can perform - or even outperform - traditional gas bikes."

From the article "Lightning Motorcycles Sells LS-218 Electric more

Monday, November 17, 2014

Uncovering Video Surveillance, Home Automation Trends

Homeowners want security systems installed to protect the family and safeguard the house. For an installer, that can be a springboard to more sales by incorporating home automation features into the equation, as shown by two recent studies conducted by Parks Associates.

Security systems have become more sophisticated. They can manage remote check-in, receive alerts and integrate IP cameras, lighting control and energy management. As a result, consumers are beginning to ask for more more

Friday, November 14, 2014

PS4 vs. Xbox One, Year Two: The Forces Shaping the Console War

Game consoles are already the most widely used video streaming devices. About three-quarters of console owners use video apps at least once a week, according to market research firm Parks Associates. But the consoles are losing ground to cheaper streaming devices. New products, including the Amazon (AMZN) Fire TV, even allow users to play lightweight video games.

From the article "PS4 vs. Xbox One, Year Two: The Forces Shaping the Console War" by Joshua Brustein.

Friday, November 14, 2014

US households still not so ‘smart’ when it comes to home devices

The Internet of Things may be a hot topic in tech circles but it appears that it's not a popular topic of discussion in the average US household, yet.

A new white paper, "Smart Home Ecosystem: IoT and Consumers," created and published jointly by the Consumer Electronics Association and Parks Associates shows that when it comes to smart thermostats, smartphone-operated security systems and app-controlled lighting systems, US consumers are still very much in the dark.

Much of more

Thursday, November 13, 2014

DirecTV's 4K launch highlights include Forrest Gump, nature films

DirecTV's 4K launch comes as research company Parks Associates releases new data on the ultra-high-definition format.

According to Parks:

> More than 46 million homes worldwide will subscribe to a 4K pay-TV service by 2018.

> 4K TVs will deploy more quickly than HDTV, which took 15 years to penetrate into 82 percent of broadband households.

> 4K TVs will reach mass-market pricing within three years.

> 4K TVs will be deployed in 80 percent of households in more

Thursday, November 13, 2014

‘What’s a smart home?’ asks almost everyone ever, according to a new survey

Are you very familiar with smart-home services and providers? You’re pretty much alone. Nearly two-thirds of broadband users are unfamiliar with them, according to a white paper from Consumer Electronics Association and Parks Associates. The market research companies conducted an online survey with 10,000 broadband heads of household earlier in 2014. Only 10 percent of respondents considered themselves “very familiar” with smart home products and services, and the number dipped to more

Thursday, November 13, 2014

DirecTV Launches 4K UltraHD Video-on-Demand with 19 Titles

UltraHD provides stunning sharpness, with nearly four times the resolution of 1080p HD. But it’s early days in the evolution of the 4K television market: Just 800,000 UltraHD TVs ship in the U.S. this year, about 2% of 38.5 million total TV sets, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Industry analysts expect adoption to ramp in the coming years, especially as more 4K content hits the market: By 2018, 46 million households worldwide will subscribe to a 4K UHD pay-TV service, more

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