Reaching Today's Video Audiences - Streaming Video Products in the Home

by Parks Associates | Mar. 28, 2022

The use of streaming video services continues to rise, and people are viewing streaming video entertainment with the expectation that they can access their content whenever, wherever, and on whatever device they want. The increasing diversity of devices on which streaming video is consumed presents a rising challenge within the streaming video ecosystem. 

55% of US broadband households now own a smart TV. 58% of those households use the smart TV as the device they access most frequently to watch streaming video. Companies need to maximize their available market in this highly active and competitive business environment by supporting a varied mix of devices.

Also, 49% of US broadband households subscribe to four or more services as of Q3 2021.

bitmovin reaching today's video audiences

This whitepaper illustrates the growth in streaming video adoption and expanding uptake of OTT video services. It examines the increasing variety of device platforms used both in and outside the home to view video.

Download this complimentary whitepaper: Reaching Today's Video Audiences: Platform Diversity and ROI, developed in collaboration with Bitmovin, to discover the potential tradeoffs, complexities, and ROI challenges presented when attempting to deploy broad platform support.

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