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The Smart Money: Access Control's Role in Multi-Family Housing

According to Parks Associates consumer surveys of U.S. internet households, 17% of overall residents in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) report living in a gated community, and 11% report living in a building with smart locks or access control systems.

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Parks Associates consumer surveys reveal that access control technology is more commonly adopted in communities that charge higher monthly rents compared to those with lower rents. Adoption is lower in communities charging average or below average rent, with a wider gap between any access control solution and adoption of app-based solutions.

In a recent study of property owners and managers, Parks Associates tested the primary functions of smart door locks for operations, finding that a majority of respondents found appealing use-cases. Property owners and managers were interested in minimizing key replacement costs, tracking those who entered and left the property, and remotely enabling third parties to enter and leave the property in a secure way.

From the article, "The Smart Money: Access Control's Role in Multi-Family Housing" by Kristen Hanich

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