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Energy Markets: Consumer Data and Industry Analysis

Parks Associates surveys thousands of US internet households every quarter to inform our research and industry analysis.

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January 23, 2017
Fifteen percent of U.S. broadband households plan to purchase solar panels in 2017
January 18, 2017
36% of U.S. broadband households find a home energy system very appealing
January 16, 2017
51% of U.S. broadband households willing to share their thermostat data to receive discounts on their electricity bill
January 10, 2017
DTE and Powerley to Keynote Smart Energy Summit: Engaging Consumers
December 28, 2016
Smart Energy Summit Research Workshop: Utilities and Consumer Engagement Strategies
December 05, 2016
37% of U.S. broadband households find solar panels highly appealing, strengthening outlook for solar in 2017
Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein

VP, Marketing