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Parks Associates conducts connected health research throughout the year, and the conference features insights from this wealth of consumer data.

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October 04, 2022
More than 14 million US internet households have used an independent living solution
August 29, 2022
74% of US internet households with children at home have used telehealth services in the past 12 months
August 25, 2022
55% of US internet households report using telehealth, down from 64% in 2021, according to Parks Associates’ Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring: User Experience Study
August 10, 2022
Majority of US consumers intending to purchase wearables are willing to pay more for devices with health and medical features
June 17, 2022
More than 55 million households are interested in a product that removes dust/allergens and purifies the air, according to Parks Associates research
January 19, 2022
Health at home is entering the mainstream