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Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media features multiple virtual sessions throughout 2022, with in-person sessions planned for December 2022. Complete the form on this page to submit your speaking proposal(s) for this event.

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Jul 21 Personalization and The New Video Viewer - New Video Experiences: Live & Social & Interactive
Jul 21 Personalization and The New Video Viewer - Building Loyalty through Content
Sep 22 Digital Piracy and Distribution - Tech to Protect
Sep 22 Digital Piracy and Distribution - Provider Concerns: Losing Millions or Gaining Eyeballs?

Dec 13 [IP] A Fragmented OTT Market: Simplifying the Experience
Dec 13 [IP] Role of the Smart TV in Home Entertainment
Dec 13 [IP] Understanding the Frustrated Sports Fan Experience
Dec 13 [IP] Sports Media Rights and The Tech Giants: Deep Pockets
Dec 13 [IP] Password Sharing: Protecting Content with New Revenues
Dec 13 [IP] Engagement and Loyalty - The Power of Niche Services and Bundles and Original Content
Dec 13 [IP] The Future of Live Content: News and Sports and Entertainment
Dec 14 [IP] AVOD and FAST: The Future of TV
Dec 14 [IP] Globalizing Streaming: Market Expansion
Dec 14 [IP] Smart TVs: Platforms and Aggregation and New Services
Dec 14 [IP] Online Pay-TV: Providing the Historical Linear TV Experience in a New Way
Dec 14 [IP] Future Innovation: The Metaverse and NFTs and Immersive Experiences
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