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What Do Consumers Want? Understanding Demand for Smart Home Solutions
Home Security and Controls: Opportunities beyond Traditional Use Cases
Independent Living: Healthcare in the Smart Home
Builders: Key Channel for Smart Home Solutions
Evolution of Retailers and Smart Home Merchandising
Smart Home Platforms: Building Service Revenues
Service Providers: Defining New Roles in the Smart Home
Investments: Growth of the Smart Home
Connected Entertainment and Smart Home: Bridging Parallel Ecosystems
Solutions to Secure and Personalize the Smart Home: AI/Machine Learning and Blockchain
Data Security and Privacy: Empowering Consumers with New Tools and Controls
Interoperability: Technology Convergence and Expanding the Smart Home
Partnerships: Key to Success in the Smart Home
Voice: Gateway to Connected Home Use Cases
Support and Installation: Making the Smart Home Work
Smart Home: Standalone Devices versus Whole Home Systems
DIY Disrupting Home Security
Connected Cars: Extension for the Smart Home
Energy Management Solutions: Smart Home Crossover
Insurance and Smart Home Products
Battle for the Front Door: Access Control and Delivery
Business Model Innovations in the Smart Home
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