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Next Evolution of Health IoT: Moving Towards the Edge


Connected Health Summit features multiple sessions in 2021

January 27

New Connected Health Use Cases: Impact of COVID-19

April 14

Leveraging the Smart Home for a Healthy Home

Seniors and Caretakers: Serving A Massive Population at Home

June 30

Personalization in Connected Health: Impact of AI

August 31 - September 1

Virtual Health and Remote Monitoring

Connected Health Business Models

Independent Living: Opportunity for Smart Home Platforms

Tech Giants: Driving Healthcare Innovation

December 1

Connecting the Dots: Interoperability and Health Data

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Key Questions:

1) How has COVID-19 impacted the connected health markets?

2) How have consumer attitudes towards connected health solutions shifted in the last year?

3) Will shifts in consumer behaviors related to fitness, wellness, chronic care management, and care for senior populations outlast the COVID-19 crisis? How can solution providers keep consumers engaged over the long term?

4) COVID-19 exposed the vulnerability of our senior population – how can independent living solutions best meet the needs of seniors and caregivers?

5) The healthcare economy has been severely disrupted in this crisis, but regulations and reimbursement for connected health solutions are trending positive – how will these competing forces impact the growth of the connected health market?

Connected Health Summit is an excellent business networking venue and a stage for innovations to shine.

  • Learn successful approaches in the deployment of connected healthcare products and services
  • Gain insights into the opportunities for connected health within the expanding connected home concept and consumer-based Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Understand adoption trends and consumer behaviors and how to influence both in promoting connected health solutions
  • Examine effective and innovative care models to pinpoint the influence of technology and the keys to success
  • Study business strategies to monetize consumer engagement, connected health platforms, and wellness programs
  • Hear the latest consumer research and case studies for connected health and their application to market growth and strategic planning
  • Determine the impact of privacy concerns, data analytics, and accountability requirements in connected healthcare and its role in the connected home
  • Identify the multiple players—new and traditional—in the connected health ecosystems and way to reconcile differing objectives

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Connected Health Summit provides industry players with in-depth analysis on the implications of the connected healthcare revolution – and the resulting consumerization of healthcare – for multiple industries:

  • Broadband Service Providers
  • Retailers
  • Device makers and distributors
  • Health systems and providers
  • Telehealth platforms
  • Insurance and health institutions
  • Software and app developers
  • Telecom and broadband service providers
  • Technology enablers
  • Mobile infrastructure providers
  • Brands and merchants

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