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Tuesday, Jun 17, 2008

Premium Technical Support Services Lead to Broadband Value-added Services Revenue

...White paper encourages service providers to use remote and automated digital home customer sup...

Monday, Jun 16, 2008

Alcatel-Lucent Acquiring Motive

I was thinking that things were awfully quiet in the IPTV space for some time. However, it looks...

Sunday, Jun 15, 2008

IAB Releases Digital Video In-Stream Ad Metrics Guidelines

The Internet Advertising Bureau yesterday released its latest guidelines on the reporting metrics...

Thursday, Jun 12, 2008

Yahoo in A Limited Search Ad Outsourcing Deal with Google

Yesterday, Yahoo announced that it ended talks with Microsoft about selling/integrating some of i...

Monday, Jun 09, 2008

Voodoo Envy, One Sweet Machine

Apple iPhone made splashes on Monday on various technology sites and today's HP's turn with its V...

Friday, Jun 06, 2008

3G iPhone: When Everything Old is New Again

The market is buzzing with anticipation over a 3G iPhone. Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the de...