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30% of U.S. Homes Have At Least 3 Smart Home Devices as Adoption Grows

30% of U.S. Homes Have At Least 3 Smart Home Devices as Adoption Grows

Smart home device adoption is increasing, with nearly 30% of U.S. internet households now having three or more smart home devices, according to new research from Parks Associates.

New households are entering the smart home market with just one or two devices, which is bringing down the average number of smart home devices owned. However, Jennifer Kent, vice president of research at Parks Associates, says that is an overall positive result.

“The security industry is a strong channel for smart home devices and new services, with many opportunities to connect different ecosystems through the security system platform,” Kent says in a LinkedIn post.

Parks Associates’ research also shows that 13% own a smart light bulb, and 6% have a smart lighting control system.

From the article, "30% of U.S. Homes Have At Least 3 Smart Home Devices as Adoption Grows" by Zachary Comeau

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