Webcast - Outlook for the Smart Home in Europe

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Tuesday, June 11  | 11 a.m. Central European Time; 4 a.m. CT U.S.Verisure logo
Complimentary Webcast, Co-hosted by Securitas Direct - Verisure and Parks Associates

Tom Kerber
, Director, Research, Home Controls and Energy, Parks Associates
Jean C. Kiessling, Head of Business Development & Portfolio Management, Deutsche Telekom (Qivicon)
Vassilis Seferidis
, Director, European Business Development, Samsung
Dick Seger, CEO, Securitas Direct - Verisure

Different channels have introduced connected products in the past with limited success, but current early indicators show momentum for this market is building in European households. This webcast focuses on the market for connected products and services in Europe. It examines specifically the factors that will make the smart home a viable market, including the integration of new products and services and the channels likely to be the most successful.

Parks Associates and Securitas Direct - Verisure examine the underlying technology trends that are enabling growth in smart home services provided by security and broadband service providers. The webcast also addresses adoption and consumer interest in advanced safety, security, and energy products in specific regions throughout Europe.

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Webcast Outline

Factors driving the smart home market

In-home infrastructure

Product ownership - smartphones, tablets, and laptops that will serve as smart-home UIs
Current broadband adoption
Cloud computing and storage

Products and services driving adoption

Consumer interest in smart-home products in covering home safety, security, energy, and controls
Data from in U.K., France, Germany, and Belgium

Regional differences impacting the market, such as data on crime, home security adoption, energy

Opportunities for key market players

Conclusion, with questions from the audience

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