Small-to-medium businesses, those with 5 to 500 PC workers, are the engines of the business economy but often exceed their internal abilities to support their hardware and services. The SMB market has extensive revenue opportunities for service providers and resellers who understand its unique challenges and entry barriers. Parks Associates’ Maximizing SMB Channel Opportunities business service provides critical information for those serving or planning to enter this market.

This research reveals the internal processes for SMBs and how owners/managers assess and select technical support services.

View the Table of Contents from the primary research project SMBs: Tech Support Opportunities.

This research service determines key tech-support factors for North American SMBs:

  • Preferred business models and price expectations
  • Primary needs for tech support services
  • Device integration and support of BYOD
  • Process for acquiring services & suppliers
  • Cloud services
  • Classification of purchase process by entity size and type

Primary surveys of SMB decision makers

SMBs: Tech Support Opportunities - 4Q 2012 SMB Survey - View Table of Contents

  • Internal processes for SMBs and how owners/managers assess and select technical support services
  • Satisfaction with current providers & likelihood of switching
  • The preferred type of provider for support services
  • The role of the decision maker(s) who selects the business services and products
  • The marketing and informational sources most valued by the decision maker(s)
  • The most critical technology problems facing the business
  • Segmentation of decision-making behavior by size and type of entity

Selection of Industry Reports

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