Television Services: Global Outlook (Second Edition)

This report analyzes the current and future market for consumer TV services around the world and the emerging services that will define the future of television. It examines service provider activities and trends in developed and emerging regions, competitive positioning, and changing regulations. The report details emerging features such as VOD, TV Everywhere, catch-up TV, 3D TV, and interactive services. It also includes global forecasts for television services through 2014.

“The past year has seen amazing changes in television service markets around the world,“ said Brett Sappington, senior research analyst, Parks Associates. “Innovations such as TV Everywhere, catch-up TV, and interactive TV features are being rolled out in major world markets. Service providers in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America are making key technology decisions that will impact their markets for years to come. Great new opportunities are available for those solution providers, operators, and content owners that know how to find and take advantage of them.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

1.3 Definition of Global Regions

1.4 Glossary of Terms

2.0 State of the Market

2.1 Overview of Market Forces

2.2 North America

2.2.1 United States

2.2.2 Canada

2.3 Western Europe

2.3.1 Germany

2.3.2 France

2.3.3 United Kingdom

2.3.4 Italy

2.3.5 Spain

2.3.6 The Netherlands

2.3.7 Other Western European Nations

2.4 Asia / Pacific

2.4.1 China

2.4.2 India

2.4.3 South Korea

2.4.4 Japan

2.4.5 Australia

2.5 Emerging Markets

2.5.1 Eastern Europe


2.5.2 Latin America





2.5.3 Southeast Asia

2.5.4 Middle East / Africa

3.0 Emerging Video Services

3.1 Whole-home / Multiroom DVR

3.2 Catch-up TV and nDVR

3.3 Video on Demand (VOD)

3.4 Multiscreen and TV Everywhere

3.5 Interactive Services

3.5.1 Caller ID on the TV

3.5.2 Widgets

3.5.3 Games

3.5.4 Social Media

3.5.5 Search / Recommendation

3.5.6 Online Video on the TV

3.6 T-Commerce

3.7 3D TV Service

4.0 Technology and Solutions

4.1 Global Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband Initiatives

4.1.1 Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television (HbbTV)

4.1.2 Project Canvas

4.1.3 Multimedia Home Platform (MHP)

4.1.4 Open Hybrid TV (OHTV)

4.1.5 Hybridcast

4.2 Selected Vendors

5.0 Forecasts

5.1 Global TV Services Forecast

6.0 Implications and Recommendations

6.1 Service Providers

6.2 CE Manufacturers

6.3 Solution Providers

Companies Interviewed for the Report
Global Forecast Regions
2009 Global Television Services Market Share
Bundled Service ARPU Comparison
Impact of Online Video on TV Churn
U.S. Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Canadian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
German Service Provider Subscriber Figures
French Service Provider Subscriber Figures
BBC iPlayer TV Program Requests
U.K. Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Italian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Spanish Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Dutch Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Other Western European Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Chinese Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Indian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
South Korean Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Japanese Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Australian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Eastern European Service Provider Subscriber Figures
DTT Standards in Latin America
Brazilian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Mexican Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Argentine Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Colombian Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Southeast Asia Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Middle East / Africa Service Provider Subscriber Figures
Growth in Consumer Demand for Advanced TV Services
Appeal of Multiroom DVR
Appeal of Catch-up TV Features
Worldwide Catch-up TV Initiatives
Consumer Use of VOD Services
Worldwide VOD Libraries for Pay TV Providers
European VOD Business Models
Worldwide Multiscreen / TV Everywhere Initiatives
Multitasking Habits of Consumers
Appeal of Caller ID on the TV
TV Gaming Revenue Models
Search/Recommendation Indexing Criteria
Search/Recommendation Solution Providers
Global 3D TV Service Initiatives
Projected 3D TV Unit Sales
Television Services Forecast Methodology
Global Subscriber Forecast – By Technology
Global Telco/IPTV Subscriber Forecast - By Region
Global Cable Subscriber Forecast - By Region
Global DTH/Satellite Television Subscribers - By Region
Global Terrestrial Television Subscribers Forecast - By Region
Common Market Evolution of Television Services

Publish Date: 3Q 2010

Pages: 92

Authored By:
Brett Sappington - Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst

Authored by Brett Sappington
Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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Dallas, Texas 75230

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