Opportunities for SMB Technical Support

This report provides an overview of both the demand- and supply-side drivers for technical support services to the small- and medium-sized business markets. It quantifies the technology environment and sheds light into today’s current demand for premium technical support offerings.

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The Bottom Line

Opportunities for SMB Support Dashboard

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2          Data Sources

1.3          Companies Briefed

2.0          Overview of the SMB Market

2.1          SMB Data

2.1.1      Number of Firms

2.1.2      Employees

2.1.3      Revenues

2.1.4      Number of Locations

2.2          The Technology Environment

2.2.1      Computers

2.2.2      Servers

2.2.3      Hosted Backup and Other IT Support & Security Features

2.2.4      Mobile Handsets

2.3          IT Spending Trends

2.3.1      Current Spending

2.3.2      Spending Trends

2.4          Computer Equipment Purchases

2.4.1      Purchase Location

2.4.2      Computer Equipment Purchased with Support Features

3.0          Demand-side Analysis

3.1          Current Use of IT Support Services

3.1.1      Current Use

3.1.2      Frequency of Support

3.1.3      Payments

3.1.4      Influences on Purchase

3.1.5      Satisfaction with Service

3.2          Interest in Technical Support Services

3.2.1      Problems that Would Generate Professional Help

3.3          Technology Issues

3.3.1      Problems

3.3.2      Market Potential

3.3.3      Appeal of Different Services

3.3.4      Preferred Payment Model

3.3.5      Preferred Vendor

3.3.6      Mobile Support Features Desired

4.0          Notable Market Players

5.0          Forecasts

5.1          Computer Set-up

5.2          Technology Support

5.3          Technology Support Subscriptions

6.0          Implications and Recommendations

6.1          Implications

6.2          Recommendations

U.S. Small- and Medium-sized Businesses
Number of Employees
Annual Company Revenues
Number of Office Locations
Technology in the SMB Environment
Technology in the SMB Environment
Number of PCs
PCs per Employee
Number of Network Servers
IT Security Products in Use
IT Support Features Used
Interest in IT Support Features
Number of Corporate Liable Wireless Lines
Average Annual Amount Spent on IT Equipment and Services
Spending on Ongoing IT Support
Spending on Ongoing Going Support, by Business Size
Spending on Per Incident IT Support
Annual Spending on As-needed Support
Key Factors Driving Current Tech Support Expenditures
IT Spending/Hiring Trends
IT Increases in Tech Support Spending, Last Year
Expected IT Spending/Hiring Trends
Increases in Tech Support Spending, Future Intentions
IT Equipment Purchase Locations
Features Chosen with Computer Purchase
Features Chosen with Computer Purchase: Comparing SMBs to Consumers
Likelihood of Purchasing Support With New Computer: Comparing SMBs to Consumers
SMBs with Current Professional Tech Support Service
Network Servers & Current Professional Tech Support Service
Use of Professional Tech Support Services
Frequency of Professional IT Support
IT Support Contract Type
Important Features of Support Services
Influences on Purchasing IT Support
Satisfaction with Service
Likely to Use Support Services
Total Number of IT Issues
Percentage of SMBs Experiencing Issues
Time Spent Resolving IT Issues
Hours per Month Addressing Technical Issues: By Number of Computers
Hours per Month Addressing Technical Issues
Hours of Lost Productivity Due to Technical Issues: By Number of Computers
Hours Lost/Spent Resolving IT Issues per Occurrence
Networked PCs vs. Hours Lost Because of IT Issues
Network Servers & IT Issues
Network Servers & Time Spent Resolving IT Issues
Network Servers & Time Lost Because of IT Issues
Network Servers & Time Spent on IT Management
Market Potential vs. SMB Willingness to Pay
SMBs Willing to Pay $200+ per Month for Support
Current IT Support vs. Willingness to Pay
Professional Support & Willingness to Pay
Preferred Characteristics of IT Support Services
Preferred Payment Plan for IT Support Services
Interest in IT Support from Company Types
Interest in Wireless/Mobile Handset Support Features
Notable SMB Tech Support Offerings
SMBs Likely to Purchase Computers in the Next Year
SMBs Likely to Purchase Software Installation with a New Computer Purchase
Key Assumptions: Computer Set-up
Percentage of SMBs that Paid for Tech Support
Key Assumptions: Computer Support
SMBs Interested in a Support Subscription
Key Assumptions: Support Subscriptions
SMB Tech Support Services, Annual Revenue
Percentage of SMBs Willing to Pay for Additional Services

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