Smart Kitchens: Intelligent Planning, Shopping, and Cooking

The connected kitchen is changing the competitive landscape for appliances, shopping, distribution, and meal preparation. This report highlights the major trends in the connected kitchen and their impact on the consumer and related markets.

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1.0    Report Summary

1.1  Purpose of Report

1.2  Scope of Report

1.3  Research Approach/Sources

2.0    The Kitchen: The Heart of the Smart Home?

3.0    Adoption of Smart Appliances

4.0    Smart Kitchen Use Cases and Market Appeal

4.1  Smart Ovens and Stoves

4.1.1     Market Players

4.2  Smart Refrigerators

4.2.1     Market Players

4.2.2     Value Proposition

4.3  Smart Dishwashers

4.3.1     Market Players

4.3.2     Value Proposition

5.0    Business Models

5.1  Consumable Reordering

5.2  Recipe Integration and Food Delivery

5.3  Premium Support

6.0    Operational Challenges and Efficiencies

6.1  Challenges

6.1.1     Process Reengineering

6.1.2     Restructuring Organization

6.1.3     App Development Expense

6.1.4     Extension of Support Services

6.1.5     Data Management

6.1.6     Interoperability Issues

6.2  Efficiencies

6.2.1     Support Costs

6.2.2     Product Development

6.2.3     Targeted Marketing

6.2.4     Customer Engagement

7.0    Implications and Recommendations

8.0    Appendix

8.1  Glossary

8.2  Index

8.3  Image Sources

Adoption of Smart Major Appliances (2014 - 2015)
Purchase Intention for Major Smart Appliances
Average Appeal of Smart Appliance Features
Consumer Ranking of Smart Oven Value Propositions
Appeal of Smart Oven Features
Smart Ovens Brands and Differentiators
Consumer Ranking of Smart Refrigerator Value Propositions
Appeal of Smart Refrigerator Features (Q4/15)
Smart Refrigerator Brands and Differentiators
Consumer Ranking of Smart Dishwasher Value Propositions
Appeal of Smart Dishwasher Features (Q4/15)
Smart Dishwasher Brands and Differentiators
Recipe Apps Available to Consumers
Smart Appliance Setup Problems and Preferences

Publish Date: 1Q 2017

Pages: 44

Authored By:
Patrice Samuels - Sr. Manager, Market Research

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