Pay TV, Passwords, and Piracy

TV Everywhere, multiscreen services, and catch-up apps give consumers unprecedented flexibility to access content anytime, anywhere, and on any device. These digital services typically rely on simple username/password authentication, which puts content investments at risk for piracy. This report includes profiles and relevant case studies on current vendor solutions to prevent TV Everywhere piracy. It also assesses the effects of piracy on the content industry, particularly for pay TV, and forecasts potential revenue loss globally due to password sharing.

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1.0        Executive Summary

1.1        Key Findings

1.2        Consumer Data Dashboard

2.0        Trends Impacting Piracy and Password Sharing

3.0        Piracy in the Streaming Age

3.1        App-based Streaming Piracy

3.2        Platform-based Streaming Piracy

3.3        Credential-based Streaming Piracy

4.0        Forecast

4.1        Forecast Methodology

4.2        Forecast

5.0        Implications and Recommendations

5.1        Content Providers

5.2        Video Service Operators

5.3        Content Security and Cybersecurity Providers

6.0        Appendix

6.1        Research Approach/Sources

6.2        Glossary

6.3        Index

Age Distribution by Privacy and Password Sharing Activities
Household Income by Privacy and Password Sharing Activities
Live Streamers
Live Streamer by Age of Respondents
Online Video Concerns
Online Video Concerns among Those Who Use File Sharing
Password Sharing by Pay-TV Subscription Status
Reasons for Live Streaming TV Shows or Sporting Events
Reasons for Live Streaming TV Shows or Sporting Events
Authentication Method Preference
Credential Theft Encountered
Credential Theft: Password Sharers vs. All Respondents
Select Live Streaming App Content Recognition Systems
Select Forensic Watermarking Solutions
Online Video Service Password Sharing
Known vs. Unknown Credential Sharing
Use of Video Sharing Account
Revenue Lost to Credential Sharing (U.S.) Forecast Methodology
Revenue Lost to Credential Sharing (United States)

Publish Date: 4Q 2017

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Authored By:
Glenn Hower - Senior Analyst

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