Monetizing Downloadable Mobile Applications

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the mobile application industry in North America (U.S. & Canada). The study examines business roles and strategies by industry segment. It assesses smartphone user growth, mobile application usage, and consumer ad preferences while highlighting business and advertising pricing models. Finally, the study provides implications and recommendations for industry investors and N.A. mobile application revenue forecasts.

“Mobile applications provide a rich, interactive user experience while supplying convenient, on-the-go access to a variety of features for practical and entertainment purposes,” said Heather Way, research analyst, Parks Associates. “As such, consumer demand for mobile applications is unlikely to subside in the near future. Growth in the number of advanced mobile devices and increasing mobile data network subscriptions are also fueling market expansion.”

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The Bottom Line

Data Points

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

1.3.1    Source of Data

1.3.2    Glossary of Terms

2.0   Downloadable Mobile Application Market Overview

2.1 Smartphone Penetration

2.2 Mobile Application Ecosystem

2.2.1    Mobile Application Software Developers    Mobile Application Content Categories

2.2.2    Mobile Application Distribution Sources

2.2.3    Advertisers and Advertising Agencies

2.2.4    Mobile Application Ad Networks, Ad Aggregators, and Ad Servers

2.2.5    Mobile Application Data Analytics

2.2.6    Mobile Service Providers

2.2.7    Mobile Application Users    Mobile Application Download Trends

3.0   Mobile Application Business Models

3.1 Paid Mobile Applications

3.2 Free, Ad-Supported Mobile Applications

3.2.1    Mobile Application Ad Formats and Pricing Models

3.2.2    Mobile Ad Recall and In-App Ad Preference

4.0   Implications and Recommendations

4.1 Market Conditions

4.1.1    Opportunities

4.1.2    Challenges

4.2 Recommendations

5.0   Mobile Application Revenues – North America

5.1 Forecast Methodology

5.2 Forecast Assumptions

5.3 Paid and In-Application Advertising Forecasts - N.A. 2010 – 2014

Source of Data
Mobile Application and Advertising Glossary of Terms
N.A., Western Europe, Asia-Pacific: Smartphone User Growth 2010 - 2014
Mobile Application Ecosystem
Mobile Application Software Developers
Five Steps to Successful Mobile App Monetization
Mobile Application Content Categories
Preferred Mobile Applications Content Type – Top Five
Mobile LBS Applications
Mobile Application Distribution Sources
Most Frequented Mobile App Distribution Source
Mobile Advertising Formats Planned or Bought
Mobile Advertising 2010 Media Budget Allocation (versus 2009)
Mobile Advertising – Percentage of Media Budget Increase in 2010 (versus 2009)
Branded or In-App Advertising 2010 Media Budget Allocation
Mobile Applications – Percentage of Media Budget Increase in 2010 (versus 2009)
Reason for Not Planning or Buying Mobile Advertising
Reason for Not Planning or Buying Branded or In-App Advertising
Mobile Application Ad Networks
Advertising Revenue Share – Ad Aggregator, Ad Network, and App Developer
Mobile Applications Ad Aggregators & Ad Servers
Mobile Application Data Analytic Firms
Mobile Service Provider Application Stores
Purchase or Download Mobile Content – Apps, Videos, Games, Ringtones Smartphone Users versus Non-smartphone Users
Mobile Application Users % Who Downloaded a Third-Party App in Last 12 months
Number of Third-Party Mobile Apps Downloaded
Mobile Application Downloads – N.A. Paid and Free Apps 2010 – 2014
Determining Mobile Application Business Model
Total $ Spent on Third-Party Mobile Apps
Mobile Application Ad Formats and Pricing Models
Mobile Ad Recall
In-App Mobile Ad Recall
In-App Mobile Ad Response
Consumer Acceptance of In-Applications Mobile Advertisements
Consumer Appeal of Relevant Advertising Messages Based on Internet, TV, and Mobile Usage
Consumer Willingness to Provide Personal Information to Receive Relevant Mobile Advertisements
Mobile Ad Consumer Perspective
Mobile Ad Preference – more likely to respond to and less likely to avoid
Mobile Applications Revenue Forecast Methodology - N.A. Paid & In-Application Advertising Revenue
Mobile Application Revenues – N.A. Paid & In-Application Advertising 2010 – 2014
Paid & In-Application Advertising Revenues - N.A. 2010 - 2014

Publish Date: 3Q 2010

Pages: 73

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Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
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