M2M: The Next Billion Mobile Connections

This report examines the growing cellular-enabled Machine-to-Machine (M2M) industry and highlights opportunities for U.S. and global mobile service providers. It includes an overview of the complex M2M ecosystem, profiles of leading M2M vendors, and analyzes carriers’ M2M strategies. The report also provides insight into important trends in consumer-facing vertical markets, with forecasts of the connected consumer vehicle and mobile personal emergency response system markets.

Mobile service providers are facing declining revenues from traditional voice and SMS services and mobile data traffic growth that outpaces growth in data revenues. In search of new opportunities, network operators are expanding their presence in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space.

“The M2M industry is undergoing a period of fundamental change and significant growth,” said Jennifer Kent, Parks Associates research analyst. “Mobile network operators and software developers are in a great position to benefit from this growing ecosystem of connected devices.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0  Report Summary

1.1  Purpose of Report

1.2  Scope of Report

1.3  Research Approach

2.0  M2M Evolution and Ecosystem

2.1  Mobile Carriers and the M2M Evolution

2.2  M2M Module Manufacturers

2.3  Dedicated M2M Network Operators/MVNOs

2.4  M2M Software & Service Providers

3.0  Mobile Carriers’ M2M Strategies

3.1  Expansion of Carrier Services and Use Cases

3.2  U.S. Carrier Strategies

3.3  Global Carrier Strategies

4.0  Consumer-Facing M2M Vertical Markets

4.1  Connected CE Devices

4.2  Connected Cars

4.3  Wireless Healthcare

5.0  Market Forecasts

5.1  Connected Cars: Drivers, Barriers & Forecast

5.2  Wireless Health: Drivers, Barriers & Forecast

6.0  Market Implications and Recommendations

7.0   Appendix

7.1 Glossary

7.2 Index of Companies

Companies Interviewed for Report
M2M Ecosystem Players
M2M Module Manufacturers
Dedicated M2M Network Operators/MVNOs
M2M Software Developers and Service Providers
Key Mobile Market Differences: Consumer vs. M2M
Cellular M2M Scenario 1: Providing Backhaul to Gateway
Cellular M2M Scenario 2: Providing Backhaul Directly to Edge Devices
Global M2M Carrier Alliances
M2M Vertical Markets and Use Cases
E-Reader Adoption by Brand
Connected CE: Wi-Fi vs. 3G
Interest in Mobile Home Control Apps
Connected Car Services
Examples: Connected Car Platforms
Connected Car Capabilities, By Age of Vehicle
In-Vehicle Apps by Age of Vehicle
Wireless Healthcare: M2M Value Propositions
Patient-Centric Health M2M Applications
Caregiver’s Interest in Health Monitoring
Connected Car Forecast Model
Connected Car Forecast, 2012 - 2017
New Cellular-Embedded Vehicle Sales in the U.S.: 2012-2017
Cellular-Embedded Consumer Vehicles in the U.S.: 2012-2017
Mobile PERS Forecast Model
Mobile PERS Forecast (2012-2017)
Cellular-Embedded PERS Device Sales Forecast (2012-2017)
Cellular-Embedded PERS User Forecast (2012-2017)

Publish Date: 1Q 2013

Pages: 56

Authored By:
Jennifer Kent - Vice President, Research

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