Home Systems: Home Security

Parks Associates’ Home Systems: Home Security provides a comprehensive analysis of the residential security marketplace including profiles of major and emerging equipment and monitoring firms, analysis of key trends and industry layers, forecasts through 2012, and an analysis of the consumers with or intending to adopt monitored or independent security systems. The report analyzes the future for security from a strategy perspective.

“Residential security is a largely mature industry,” said Tricia Parks, CEO of Parks Associates. “Questions as to where the industry will migrate, how and if it will redefine, or what innovations will expand its value and invigorate its potential are on the minds of current companies as well as on service providers investigating the market. In this report, I’ve tried to sort the questions and progress to logical options for current and potential industry stakeholders.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0   The Status of the Home Security Industry

1.1 History in a Nutshell

1.2 2000 Forward for the Security Industry

2.0   U.S. Householders and Security Systems

2.1 The Next Group of Adopters

2.2 Forecasts for Security and Monitoring 2007-2012

3.0   Dealer Installed Security Distribution

3.1 The Builder and Security

4.0   The Security Companies

5.0   Salient Trends and Strategy Issues

6.0   A U.S. Residential Security Forecast Summary

Resource Book

1.0   The Resource Book

2.0   Home Security in U.S. Households

2.1 The Demographics of Security at Home

2.2 The Role of Moving and Security Systems

2.3 Appeal of New Services and Benefits

2.4 Which Providers Do Consumers Call At a Move?

2.5 Comparing Current Penetration and Intentions for Security with Selected Other Products

3.0   Security Distribution

3.1 Security Dealer Survey Overview

3.1.1   Security Dealer Respondents

3.1.2   Definition of Home Systems Security Integrators

3.1.3   Business Characteristics of Security Systems Integrators/Installers

3.1.4   Specifics on Security Systems in their Channel

3.1.5   Beyond Security: Products Installed by Security Systems Integrators across Categories

3.1.6   Installations in New vs. Existing Homes

3.1.7   Average Number of Installations across Categories

3.1.8   Average End-user Costs: Security, Control, Audio, Home Theater Systems

3.1.9   Brands Sold by Security Systems Integrators across Categories

3.1.10 High End Installing Dealers (CEDIA Type)

3.2 Builders and Security Systems

3.2.1   Specific Builder Survey Questions and Responses

4.0   Housing Forecasts

4.1 Methodology

4.1.1   Households

4.1.2   Housing Value

4.1.3   New Housing Starts vs. Existing Housing

4.1.4   Data Sources

4.1.5   Housing Forecast Techniques

4.2 New-Start Housing Forecasts

4.3 Existing Housing Forecasts

5.0   Security Systems Forecasts

5.1 Methodology

5.2 Housing

5.2.1   Housing Value and Security

5.3 System Classifications

5.3.1   Mass-Market Monitored Security Systems

5.3.2   Custom Monitored Security Systems

5.3.3   Do-It-Yourself Security Systems

5.3.4   Dealer-Installed Security Systems

5.3.5   Intelligent Security Systems

5.3.6   Key Forecast Assumptions

5.3.7   U.S. Security System and Monitoring Forecasts

5.4 Do-It-Yourself System Hardware (Figures 92-94)

5.5 Dealer-Installed System Hardware (Figures 95-97)

5.5.1   Intelligent Security System Controller Hardware (Figures 98-100)

5.6 Residential Monitoring (Figure 101-106)

5.7 Remote Home Monitoring: Passing Fad or Wave of the Future?

6.0   Selected Security and Equipment Providers

6.1 ADT Security Services, Inc.

6.2 Brink's Home Security

6.3 Elk Products

6.4 DSC

6.5 Honeywell Security

6.6 GE Security

6.7 uControl

6.8 Monitronics International, Inc.

6.9 Protection One

6.10  Visonic Technologies Ltd.

6.11  Others

The Bottom Line

The History of Monitored Security in U.S. Households
History of Security in a Nutshell
U.S. Housing with Security Systems by Category 2005 - 2012
Revenues by Type for the Security Industry 2005 - 2012
Regional Variations for Security Monitoring in Internet Households
Basic Demographic Comparison among All, Internet, Broadband and Monitored Security U.S. Households
Demographics with the Highest Correlation for Security Systems in U.S. Homes
High Intenders for Security System in the Next Year in Internet Households
Initial Sales of Security by Category
Locations for Installation of Security Dealers
U.S. Security Dealer's Total Revenue 2005
Affiliation of Security Dealers with National or Large Regional Entities
The Nature of Affiliation among the 30% of Security Dealers Stating Affiliation
Security Dealers' Influence on Brands for Install Categories
Top Three Brands Offered by Security Dealers
Builders and Security Systems
From Where do Builders Acquire Security Equipment?
Builder Margin on Selected Electronic Systems
The Influence of Top Amenities According to Builders
U.S. Builder Revenue Deriving from Security Systems

Resource Book

Security Penetration by Category 2006 EOY
General Demographics for Security Systems in U.S. Homes
High Correlating Demographics for Security System Ownership
Demographics with High Correlation to Having Monitoring
Ownership of Selected Products in Security and Non-security Households
Ownership of Selected Products in Security and Non-security Households
Moving Patterns among Internet HHs and Internet Security Households
High Intenders for Security and Ownership among Stationary and Moving Households
Security System Usage in Monitored U.S. Households
External Remote Control over Systems
Internal Remote Control Appeal
Appeal of New Features for Home Systems
Moving Families First Service Provider Call
Security Penetration and Intentions Compared with Other Selected Electronics
Types of Locations/Facilities in Which Integrators Install Systems
Integrators' Total 2005 Revenue
Breakdown of Integrators' Residential Business
Types of Security Systems Installed
Percentage of Installs: New vs. Existing
Security System Components Installed by Security Dealers
Additional Equipment Installed by Security Dealers
Average Cameras Installed by Security Dealers Active in Category
Average Cost (Total) of Security Installation to Customer
Brands of Security Offered
Comparison of Residential Sales 2006 and 2005
Percentages of Integrators Installing Selected Product Categories
Percentages of SECURITY & CONTROL Systems Installed in New vs. Existing Homes in 2005
Average Number of Installations Completed in 2005 Control, Audio & Home Theater Systems
Average End-user Costs of Systems in 2005 Security, Audio & Home Theater
Comparison of Average Costs of Audio & Home Theater Systems Installed in 2005: Security Dealers vs. Custom Installers
Top Brands of Security Systems Integrators Installed
Top Brands of Speakers in Audio Installations
Top Brands of Components in Audio Systems
Top Brands of Components Installed in Home Theater Systems
Installation of Security by High-end Installing Dealers
Common Householder Questions about Security Systems
Market Value of Security Systems Installed in New Residential Construction
What Types of Security Systems Are Installed?
Are Security Systems Offered as Standard or Optional?
Technologies Employed in Security Systems
Why do Home Builders Offer Security Systems?
Typical Home Security Components Installed
Additional Equipment Offered with Security Systems
Average Buyer TOTAL Cost for Security Systems
Typical Home Security System Margin
Top Ten Most-Widely Offered Brands of Security Systems
Who Determines Which Specific Security System to Install?
Importance of Selected Purchase/Brand Criteria to Choosing Products
From where is the Security System Hardware Acquired?
Why Builders Do NOT Offer Security Systems
Housing Definitions
Housing Forecast Methodology Summary
Break down of US Households
Housing Values
Sources of Disaster
Data Sources
Forecast Drivers
New Housing Starts 2005-2012
Total Existing Households
Existing Single-Family Homes by Value
Installation Type
Model for Security Forecast
Home Security Forecast Methodology Summary
Total Available Market
Penetration by Category
A Basic Security Systems
Security Product Evolution
Marketing for DIY and Low Cost Security
Pros and Cons of Mass Marketed Dealer-Installed Monitored Security
Integration of Security across Application Categories
Do Home Builders Offer Monitored Security as a Standard Feature?
Initial Sales by Category
U.S Homes with Systems by Category and Total
Hardware, Labor, and Monitoring Revenue
Remaining U.S Housing without Security and without Monitoring ( #M)
Existing Homes Adding Dealer Installed Systems
Existing Homes Adding Systems by Home Value
Homes Replacing Systems
Existing Homes Adding Dealer-Installed Systems
New Homes Adding Systems
New Homes Adding Dealer-Installed Systems
New Homes Adding Dealer-Installed Systems by Home Value
Total Initial Security System Sales
Initial Security System Sales by Category
Homes with Systems
Homes with DIY Security Systems
Penetration Rate for Dealer-Installed Systems
Single-Family Penetration for Dealer-Installed Systems by Home Value
Number of Homes with Dealer Installed Systems
Average Security System Controller Price
Security Controller Revenues
Average DIY Controller and Sensor Prices
Average DIY Sensor Dollars by Home Value
DIY Controller and Sensor Revenues
Average Dealer-Installed Controller and Sensor Prices
Dealer-Installed Sensor Dollars by Home Value
Dealer-Installed Controller and Sensor Revenues
Average ISSC Controller and Sensor Prices
ISSC Sensor Dollars by Home Value
Total ISSC Revenues
Average Monthly Monitoring Fees
Total Monitoring Revenues
Total Monitoring Revenues by Home Value
Monitoring Revenues by Housing Category
Monitoring Revenues by Install Type
DIY Revenues by Category
Remote Self Monitoring for Security: Hardware and Service Company
Table of Self Monitoring Entries
Dealer-Installed Labor revenues

Publish Date: 2Q 2007

Pages: 198

Authored By:
Tricia Parks - Founder

Executive Editor: Tricia Parks
Published by Parks Associates

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