Advertising Trends and Converged Media

Advertising Trends & Converged Media assesses growth patterns for connected device and multiplatform media use and the monetization strategies for the U.S. advanced TV, online video, and mobile app media markets. The report includes market conditions, implications, strategic outcomes, and an update to Parks Associates’ advanced TV, online video, and mobile in-app advertising revenue forecasts from 2013 to 2017.

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Data Points

The Bottom Line

1.0 Report Summary         

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report    

1.2 Research Approach     

1.2.1 Source of Information

1.3 Glossary of Terms

2.0 Advanced TV Advertising Market Overview

2.1 TV Household Growth and TV Viewing Preference

2.2 The Personalization of Television Advertising

2.2.1 Evolving Pay-TV Advertising Investments

2.2.2 Redefining TV Addressability

2.2.3 Enhancing Traditional TV Viewing with Content Recognition Technology

2.3  U.S. Advanced TV Advertising Revenue Forecasts 2013–2017

2.3.1 Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

2.3.2 Advanced TV  Advertising Revenue Projections in the U.S. from 2013–2017

3.0 The State of Online Video Advertising

3.1 Online Video Users and Viewing Patterns

3.2 Trends in Online Video Advertising

3.2.1 TV Everywhere Distribution and Revenue Strategies

3.2.2 Consumer-centric Online Video Ad Formats

3.2.3 Real-time Bidding (RTB) Strategies for Online Video

3.3 U.S. Online Video Advertising Forecasts 2013–2017

3.3.1 Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

3.3.2 Online Video Advertising Revenues in the U.S. from 2013–2017

4.0 Mobile App Advertising Market Update

4.1 Smartphone & Tablet User Growth and App Consumption Patterns

4.2 Monetizing Smartphone and Tablet Content and Services

4.2.1 Sizing-up App Marketing and Discovery Services

4.2.2 Uncovering Viable Second Screen Revenue Opportunities

4.3 U.S. In-app Advertising Revenues 2013–2017

4.3.1 Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

4.3.2 In-app Ad Revenue Projections in the U.S. from 2013–2017

5.0 Market Implications & Recommendations

5.1 Market Outlook

5.1.1 The Impact of Media Convergence on Advertising

5.2 Recommendations

5.2.1 Successfully Monetizing Cross-platform Content and Services      

Resource Book

Company Index

Source of Data
Glossary of Terms
U.S. Pay-TV Households 2013–2017
TV Program Sources
Pay-TV Service Provider Advanced Advertising Strategies
Advanced TV Advertising Technology Solutions
U.S. Smart TV Households 2013-2017
Advanced TV Advertising Revenue Forecast Methodology
U.S. Advanced TV Advertising Revenues 2013-2017
U.S. Cable/Satellite/Telco/Network TV Advertising Revenues: Traditional Linear & Advanced TV 2013–2017
U.S. Online Video Viewers 2013-2017
Change in Video Consumption by Device
Weekly Time Spent Watching TV/Video by Device
Hulu Ad Selector
Online Video Advertising Revenue Forecast Methodology
U.S. Online Video Revenues – 2013-2017
U.S. Smartphone & Tablet Users 2013–2017
Smartphone & Tablet App Usage by Demographics
Mobile App Marketing Services
Second Screen Activities While Watching TV
In-App Advertising Revenue Forecast Methodology
In-app Ad Revenues U.S. 2013–2017

Publish Date: 2Q 2013

Pages: 50

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