Harnessing the Power of Big Data: New Media and Advertising

This report examines the state of personalized advertising, analyzing the technologies and companies that are mining vast amounts of consumer data to recommend and enhance relevant advertising across various platforms. It identifies and profiles key players and predicts sectors of early growth.

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Data Points and Definitions

The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Research Approach

2.0   Defining Big Data for New Media and Advertising

2.1 Primary Digital Data Sources, Collection Methods, Types, and User Metrics

3.0   Emerging Audience Measurement and Ad Targeting Techniques

3.1 Audience-based Measurement

3.1.1    Cross-platform Audience Metric

3.1.2    Audience Segmentation Profiling

3.1.3    Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

3.1.4    Attribution Analysis

3.2 Interest-based Measurement

3.2.1    Social Media Analysis

3.2.2    Retargeting

4.0   U.S. Digital Ad Impression Forecasts 2013-2018

4.1 Forecast Methodology

4.2 U.S. Digital Ad Impressions by Audience Targeting Type 2013-2018

4.2.1    Audience-based Digital Ad Impressions by Type 2013-2018

4.2.2    Interest-based Digital Ad Impressions by Type 2013-2018

5.0   Market Outlook

5.1 Opportunities & Challenges

5.2 Recommendations


Glossary of Terms

Company Index

Sources of Data
Big Data For New Media & Advertising
The Benefits of Big Data on Industry Segments
Tracking Online and Mobile Web Users
New Media & Advertising Data Types
Data Workflow for New Media & Advertising
Audience Targeting Tiers
Trends in Video Consumption by Device 2010--2012
Advantages of Audience Segmentation by Industry Type
Data Management Platforms (DMPs): Product Focus & Client Value Proposition
Consumer Attitudes toward Ad Targeting by Device
Consumer Choice Page Icon
AdChoices Icon
Consumer Privacy Notice Awareness 2011 versus 2013
Consumer Privacy Notice Icon Engagement 2011 versus 2013
Reasons for Not Opting-Out after Clicking on the Consumer Privacy Notice Icons 2011 versus 2013
Atlas Engagement Mapping
Attribution Analysis Models
Digital Ad Impressions Forecast Methodology
U.S. Digital Ad Impressions by Audience Targeting Type 2013-2018
U.S. Audience-based Digital Ad Impressions by Type 2013-2018
U.S. Interest-based Digital Ad Impressions by Type 2013-2018

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