Trends and Opportunities in Residential Energy Management

Thursday, February 6, 2020 | 1:00 P.M. CT (2:00 P.M. ET)

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Co-hosted by Parks Associates and PLMA

PLMA - Parks Associates webcast on energy management29% of US broadband households plan to purchase a smart thermostat in 2020

This Webcast presents industry insights, buzz from CES, and new consumer and industry research from Parks Associates, including adoption of smart home products, new partnerships, and deployment of new programs by utilities.


  • Effective ways of raising consumer awareness and familiarity of energy management solutions, programs, and tools
  • Impact of smart home devices on energy use and utility rate structures
  • Adoption and impact of distributed energy products – generators, electric vehicles, solar panels, battery storage
  • New partnerships driving interest, adoption, and customer satisfaction with utilities


Rich Barone, Director of Strategic Consulting for Customer Resources & Markets, Hawaiian Electric

Foued Barouni, Product Line Manager, AddÉnergie | FLO

Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO, Bidgely

Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

Moderator: Jenny Roehm, Senior Manager, Utility Solutions, Schneider Electric

Richard Barone Richard Barone, Director, Demand Response, Hawaiian Electric

Rich Barone is the Director of the Demand Response Division at Hawaiian Electric. He provides leadership and direction in DER strategy, business cases, technologies and program portfolio and market development. Rich works across process areas and the three Hawaiian Electric utilities to optimize Distributed Energy Resources to foster customer choice and system reliability while supporting the state’s clean energy goals.
Rich joined Hawaiian Electric with over 15 years of strategic planning, early-stage technology assessment, software development and system integration expertise. His most recent experience is as Associate Director in Emerging Technologies at Navigant Consulting. In that role, his primary focus was in Demand Response and Smart Grid. Prior to his tenure with Navigant, Rich was employed by Pacific Controls, Inc. as VP, Smart Grid Services. 
Rich holds a M.S. in Energy Technology & Policy and an M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado. He earned an MS in E-commerce Application Development from Columbia University and he holds a dual B.A. in English and Philosophy from Boston College.

Foued Barouni Foued Barouni, Product Line Manager, AddÉnergie | FLO

Foued Barouni is Product Line Manager at FLO. He oversees product and market development for both residential and public segments. Foued Barouni holds a PhD in Computer Science from Laval University (Canada and a Computer Science Engineering Bachelor’s degree from INSAT Institute (Tunisia). He is also a speaker and published author, having collaborated on various conference and research papers.

Abhay Gupta Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO, Bidgely

Abhay Gupta founded Bidgely, with the mission of leveraging data to transform the utility industry. Today, Bidgely is the indispensable innovation partner for UtilityAI.  As CEO, Abhay has led the company from concept to market leadership. Prior to Bidgely, Abhay worked at a combination of energy and technology companies including Grid Net, Echelon and Sun Microsystems. He holds a B. Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, M.S. from University of Southern California and M.B.A. from Santa Clara University.

Jenny Roehm Jenny Roehm, Senior Manager, Utility Solutions, Smart Grid Services, Schneider Electric

Jenny Roehm is part of a dynamic Schneider Electric team delivering digital energy management solutions. Their goal is to enable businesses and homeowners to truly manage their energy consumption, and work on the principle that local utilities are, and should remain, trusted advisors for their customers. Jenny works with her team to develop solutions centered around strengthening the relationship between utility and consumer to save energy and deliver resources for grid management. Her current work leverages her nearly 30 years of experience to focus on the integration of demand side resources; working with utilities and customers to integrate demand response, storage, on-site generation and energy efficiency into a single approach. Jenny Roehm has managed load control programs, worked with utilities as they implement programs and has experience conducting measurement and verification studies on energy efficiency and demand response projects.

Patrice Samuels Patrice Samuels, Sr. Manager, Market Research, Parks Associates
Twitter ID: @PatriceatParks

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Television Services, Broadband Services, Technical Support Services, International Markets, Digital Music

Patrice Samuels studies digital home technical support services across global markets, with a focus on market trends, business models, and provider strategies. In addition to exploring events and disruptions in the technical support space, she examines pay-TV and broadband services in North America and Europe, digital media, and digital music services.

Patrice earned her MBA from Texas A&M University at College Station and BSc. in Psychology from the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

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