Connected Home Sessions - OSP

October 9-10, 2013
Dallas Convention Center | Dallas, Texas

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TRACK 6: Research/Trends/Analyst Perspectives Related To Network Evolution Opportunities

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OSP EXPO attracts telecom network professionals from the ILEC, CLEC and IOC communities to discover the latest technologies in the ever-evolving OSP. This event differs greatly from our thought leadership executive conferences that you may be more familiar with. This event attracts more engineering and technical executives focused on network optimization.

These seminars are approved to award Continuing Education Credits (CECs) from both BICSI and the Electronics Technicians Association International. (ETA-I), and COC points from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP).

Research/Trends/Analyst Perspectives Related To Network Evolution Opportunities

Telemedicine – New Solutions for Healthcare

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 8:00-9:00 A.M.

Consumers are turning to new solutions for healthcare, including connected devices and apps. This demand is creating new opportunities for service providers to offer health and wellness-focused services and products. This session looks at the transformative impact of digital home technologies and mobile innovations on the healthy living industry. Speakers examine new solutions as well as the challenges surrounding consumer privacy and business models.


Amnon Gavish, Senior Vice President, Vertical Solutions, Vidyo

Nancy Green, Managing Principal, Verizon Enterprise Solutions – Healthcare, Verizon

Christina James, Director, Strategic Marketing, Alcatel Lucent

Greg Roberts, Vice President, Marketing, iControl Networks

Eric Rock, CEO, Vivify Health

Sean Schneyer, Emerging Business Director, Ericsson

Moderator: Harry Wang, Director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates

Advanced Tools and Infrastructure for Consumer Tech Support

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 8:00-9:00 A.M.

The digital home includes a myriad of connected devices that share computing resources and information, making it difficult for consumers and technicians to isolate technical issues through traditional solutions. This panel analyzes emerging backend technologies that foster greater efficiencies in diagnostics, troubleshooting, and resolution as well as self-help tools and other aspects of service automation driving the tech support market.


Larry Gordon, President, Global Channel Sales, iYogi

Art Lancaster, CTO, Affinegy

Jeff Mortlock, Vice President Technical Support Practice, Sutherland Global Services

Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Blending Mobile and Video – Providing Quality Video

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 9:15-10:15 A.M.

A growing consumer appetite for mobile video content and a willingness among content owners to make their programming available would seem to be a perfect combination for operators. However, despite advances in adaptive streaming and compression technologies such as HEVC, getting quality video to a changing array of mobile devices on multiple operating systems is difficult and expensive. This panel offers a deep look at the problem, suggests solutions, and takes a look at new developments on the horizon.


Alex Emmermann, VP of Engineering, Clearleap, Inc.

Solomon Israel, Head of Customer Engagements, TV & Media Practice, Ericsson

Fady Lamaa, VP, Products, mPortal, Inc. 

Nate Treloar, VP & GM of Enterprise, RAMP

Moderator: John Barrett, Director of Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates

Device Interoperability: Standards for the Connected Home

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 9:15-10:15 A.M.

Lack of standards has been cited as a significant barrier to broad deployment of energy-related products. Consumers need assurances their networked appliances will work no matter where they live, and vendors and OEMs have to be able to guarantee their systems' benefits no matter the environment. However, adoption of common protocols could limit manufacturer's opportunities for differentiation and added value. This session examines the status of standards for the home network, the potential pitfalls, and strategies to build interoperability in the home. Topics include:

  • Evolution of the primary home networking standards
  • Interoperability as a growth driver or inhibitor
  • Creating differentiation in a standards-based environment


Thomas Barber, Director of Marketing, Silicon Laboratories/ZigBee

Mike Coop, Smart Grid Task Force, UPnP Forum

Paul Pishal, Vice President of Business Development for M2M Solutions, Hitachi

Rob Ranck, President, HomePlug Alliance

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

Integration of Connected CE with Home Services

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 8:00-9:00 A.M.

Integrating connected CE into home services is a tremendous, but rewarding, challenge as the combination of these devices and new monitoring and control offerings greatly expands the scope and capabilities of home energy solutions. This session explores the integration challenges and the architectures and technologies that will scale to match the breadth and width of today's connected consumer devices.


Randy Berg, Chairman, DECT Forum, US Working Group

Shane Dyer, President & Founder, Arrayent

Letha McLaren, Vice President, Product Management, iControl Networks

Kumaran Siva, Board Member, HGI; Segment Marketing Manager, Broadcom

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates

The Future of the Personal Cloud

Thursday, October 10,2013 - 9:15-10:15 A.M.

Initially, the personal cloud revolved around remote storage of content, with online services providing consumers with the ability to store and retrieve digital files online. Today, a variety of products and services continue to push the boundaries of the personal cloud. This panel examines new service opportunities in the personal cloud, emerging business models, consumer adoption, market challenges, and the future of the personal cloud.


Gurvinder Singh Ahluwalia, CTO - Cloud Computing, West Region/ Cross-Brand, IBM

K. Scott Morrison, CTO, Layer 7 Technologies

Valmiki Mukherjee, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Cloud Security Alliance North Texas

Moderator: Barbara Kraus, Director, Research, Parks Associates

BYOD’s Impact on the Network for SMBs

Thursday, October 10,2013 - 9:15-10:15 A.M.

The rapid adoption by very small businesses of tablets and smartphones on a wide range of operating systems, as well as the uptake of a large number of business and communications apps, is creating a wide range of support needs and solutions. Companies with experience in supporting devices in the consumer space will have an advantage in the SMB space; they will be able to leverage their experience with OEMs for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. Increased BYOD use will create opportunities for service providers to solve network compatibility and connectivity issues, as well as to handle device set up. This panel addresses new opportunities and challenges around the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend for small to medium businesses.


Sriram Krishnan, Senior Director, Product Management and Ecosystem, Good Technology

Doug Warner , Senior Director, Mobility Strategy, HP

Naeem Zafar, CEO, Bitzer Mobile

Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

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