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Majority of households with a home security system are professionally monitored

by Keshav Jaiswal | May. 8, 2019

Twenty-eight percent of US broadband households own a home security system, which is in line with numbers reported over the past five years, when the adoption rate has stayed between 26% and 28%. The majority of these households have professional monitoring, and the share of professionally monitored households has increased by 9% since 2016.

Professional installation continues to be the dominant choice for home security systems, but self-installation experienced strong growth in 2017 and 2018. Self-installed DIY security systems are increasing due to multiple factors, ranging from new players entering the security market to the ability of security systems to interact with the user via a mobile device or a computer. Parks Associates research shows consumers are most sensitive to upfront cost, so in many cases, they are self-installing and then later obtaining professional monitoring.

For more information on this topic, see Parks Associates’ 360 View Consumer Trends and Disruption in Home SecurityThis study examines the current state of residential market and addresses market dynamics such as pricing, channel and installation method of the security system. The study also identifies new services that can increase monthly revenue.  

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Keshav Jaiswal

Keshav Jaiswal

Consumer Insights Analyst II

Keshav studies market trends and consumer behaviors related to the use of smart home and entertainment technologies. Keshav’s work with the Consumer Analytics team includes primary and secondary research, where he focuses on finding data-driven solutions from syndicated and custom survey data.

Keshav Jaiswal graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics specializing in Marketing and Research. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

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